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Aaiy Yoww:

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Barry McMahon

Alldotians Rally to the Cry of Aaiy Yoww to Save Planet Mirth from Evil Spiderdo in this Amazing Game!

U.S.-based Deeper Arts, Inc. today announced the release of Aaiy Yoww, a free game app, for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Aaiy Yoww combines all of the fast bouncing, bumper-banging power of pinball with a mental maelstrom for the malignantly maze-minded, but it doesn't stop there. Aaiy Yoww takes this fiasco one step further by going all Vegas on this shiznit by copiously copping to the coin: Charnok; Alldotian currency that can buy players out of a heap of trouble while luring Lady Luck ever closer.

Minneapolis, MN -- Deeper Arts, Inc., the development studio formed by the unlikely duo of neurologist Dan Cohen and artist Barry McMahon, has today announced the release of Aaiy Yoww for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. So strap your brain in for a visual joyride, where the characters you play, react to how you direct them. Help them win by earning the much-prized Charnok or buy your way forward for the price of cheap toothpaste. Either way, you're smilin' and that's the whole point of playing a game.

Artist Barry McMahon has taken an illustrational approach to this app that is truly clever and unique. While Dan Cohen has bridged the gap between perceived three-dimensional space and physics with disarming plausibility. Its optical trickery and startling consequences will make you gasp, especially when you propel the Alldotian Al over a bump at high speeds.

Each game takes seconds to play. A player can hit the target with relative ease and progress rapidly or wallow in a sea of amusing animations and effects, both delightful and unnerving. Spiderdo lurk around every corner and the most obvious path is not always the best. Choose wisely, get lucky or perish! In any case, the next setup is only seconds away.

Game-play is simple with a sling-shot style of shooting. Players launch the ever-helpful Alldotians, Al, Fiero, Jetty, DboyD or PinLOP into walls and bumpers, over wells and bumps, and hopefully around traps collecting Charnok and avoiding Spiderdo along the way. It's ball in the hole for this generation.

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